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10/20 and 10/30 Riveted and Blocked Mags

10/20 and 10/30 Riveted and Blocked Mags

Better Looking 10 Round Mags

It is a sad fact of life that many US states ban standard capacity rifle and handgun magazines. Apart from California, other states like New York, Vermont, and others have mag restrictions that simply hinder law abiding gun owners from enjoying the same 2nd Amendment rights that we have here in Texas. This is especially irritating for owners of modern sporting rifles such as the AR-10 and AR-15. While there are plenty of ten round magazines available for these rifles, they come with some notable ergonomic and aesthetic problems.

Most 10 Round Mags Lack Ergonomics, Aesthetics

While reduced capacity magazines are great for benchrest shooting and hunting, they fall short in the aesthetics department, and in their ability to be used with common mag pouches and other related gear. First off, they just look bad. That's our opinion, but it's also true that it is not how the original manufacturer intended them to look.

They also affect the ergonomics of the rifle and mag change process. For shooters that use their mag for grip, those tiny mags are not going to do much for you. No rubberized grips or quick loading for these tiny 10 round mags.

Introducing the HartBlock 10/20 and 10/30 PMAG

With these many issues in mind, is pleased to offer a unique, patented mag blocking system known as the HartBlock. While GunMags also offers a riveted mag, the blocked design precisely limits a 30 round PMag AR-15 magazine, or 20 round .308 PMag to hold no more than ten rounds.

Great With and Without the Ranger Plate

Everything happens at our facility here in Dallas, Texas. Our careful rebuilding of these PMags involves epoxying a HartBlock into place on the baseplate. We then epoxy the baseplate into place to ensure that even the most restrictive states see these magazines as permanently modified to just ten rounds. If you order the optional “ranger plate” for your PMag, we install those before finishing the magazine modification.

The end result is a magazine that is visually identical to a standard capacity 30 or 20 round magazine, but compliant in states that restrict capacity. Now, as we mentioned, there are any number of reasons to make these modifications. It is quite true that there are factory made ten round magazines. They are quite popular with benchrest shooters, hunters, and anyone who needs a handy, short magazine.

Neuter Your AR Mag, But.. Dont Advertise It.

However, the stubby, small mags just don’t look as functional or as cool. It’s bad enough living in a restrictive state. You’ve probably been forced to register your guns, probably have to strip them off all manner of features and aesthetic choices, and now you are putting neutered magazines in them. Using a PMag with a HartBlock in it, at least gives you that proper look when using your rifle. More importantly, you can also use standard magazine pouches, more easily handle your mag, and for shooters who like to brace their supporting hand against the magazine, that option is also retained.

Be Prepared With Blocked or Riveted AR Mags

Another big reason to buy a blocked PMag is availability. You’ll note that is able to sell one of our HartBlock equipped mags for about what you’d expect to pay for a standard magazine in a retail store. This even with the added expense of the HartBlock unit, and the labor to epoxy it and the magazine baseplate in place.

Get 'Em While You Still Can

30 round AR-15 magazines, and 20 round AR-10 magazines are common because they are the default standard.

Reduced capacity magazines are standard in most places, and are not made to the same volume as standard capacity magazines. This means when you are ready to buy more magazines, you simply might not be able to find them. Smaller production runs, and competition with shooters in non ban states for shorter magazines for benchrest shooting reduce your chance to get the magazines you need to keep your gun running.

Better Pricing, Stable Inventory

We circumvent the market driven scarcity of factory reduced capacity magazines by taking very common, and readily available standard capacity magazines and installing the HartBlock in them. The end result is a supply limited only by our customer’s demand, and the speed in which we can modify them. We are also able to offer the latest generations, most popular colors, and most popular PMag configurations this way.

Looking for an AR Mag?

Need a 10 round window PMag? You got it. We’ll convert a standard mag for you, and send it on your way! We modify Magpul PMAGs right here in North Texas. As a family owned company, we strive to employ veterans and local service members and do what we can to support 2A causes. By making a purchase from, you are helping us do what we do!

Take a look at our selection of HartBlock modified mags, as well as our gun accessories, and get the look and feel you’ve been missing on your rifle!

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