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Crosman 1088 Spare Clips 3/pk

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Three spare clips for the 1088" 1008" and T4 series of pistols. Holds BBs or Pellets. Features : Holds BBs or Pellets, ,Fits Crosman 1088" 1008" and T4", 8-Shot
Three spare clips for the 1088" 1008" and T4 series of pistols. Holds BBs or Pellets.

Features :
  • Rotary .177 Cal
  • Holds BBs or Pellets
  • ,Fits Crosman 1088" 1008" and T4"
  • 8-Shot
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UPC 028478128200
Manufacturer Crosman
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Q1: Who actually modifies the original magazine?
Ans The magazine is modified in-house by Ace’s Armory to permanently restrict the magazine capacity to 10 rounds
Q2: How long does it take to process the order?
Ans We are generally able to fill orders 3-5 business days after the order is placed. However, during periods of increased demand, it may take up to 1 week to process the order.
Q3: Is the base plate of the magazine sealed?
Ans With our blocked magazines, we permanently seal the base plate of the magazine using industrial grade adhesive so the blocker cannot be removed without destroying the magazine. No modifications are required to the base plates with our riveted magazines.
Q4: What’s the benefit of adding a Ranger Plate at the time of purchase?
Ans Generally, you can only purchase Range Plates in packages of 3. We are offering the option for people to buy 1 or 2 Ranger Plates at a time if you add it onto the purchase of a magazine. Note, if you purchase a blocked magazine, the Ranger Plate will be permanently affixed to the magazine with industrial grade adhesive. With our riveted mags, the Ranger Plate can be added/removed subsequent to your purchase.
Q5: Is the magazine spring modified?
Ans No, the magazine spring maintains full functionality and is not restricted or modified in any way.
Q6: Who manufacturers the magazine blocker/limiter?
Ans Ace’s Armory has developed its own, proprietary magazine limiter for our 10-round PMAGs.
Q7: Can the magazines be engraved with an image or text other than what’s shown under the options?
Ans Yes, if you would like to customize your magazine, please email us at and we can assist you with your order.
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